Glimmer Web Design is more than just a web design firm. A large part of our work solves our clients’ challenges through our professional services. Find out more about us and what we do.

Strategy Solutions

All great web projects start with an idea!  The bigger the idea, greater is the need for exacting specifications.  This allows for less confusion among team members, investors or other parties.  Smaller projects will not need a complete technical specification but will require a write up of the site sections and a design specification.

Marketing & Research

We also rely and appreciate our creatives – they provide needed insight and plan a marketing strategy.  Integrating the design specification and weaving a branded message through all web properties – social, newsletters, blog, etc …

Web Design & Development

Our extensive development experience allows us to develop a website that functions to your processes.  Even perform semi-custom solutions taking an existing off the shelf application (OTS) and creating modules that are unique to your  business.

Web Sites that are Beautiful & Intentional!

Responsive, Clean, Simple & Beautiful

Responsive websites are websites that are developed to look good no matter what device the website is viewed from.  Responsive design MEANS one design process for many devices.  This is a vast improvement over past solutions.   We like to refer to our design as that of a classical style – our individual design portfolios span over many  years – and the designs crafted would still be considered aesthetically balanced and beautiful.  Classic, clean design never goes out of style!


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