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We believe in being the change we want to see, both in business and in private life.  So, our business is a cooperative ~  allowing all to share in the success of the business.

We are excited about creating websites and applications that not only look great but are designed with intention.  Intention to increase revenue by both customer acquisition and saving time on business processes.

 We love the fact that our customers can manage their, analytics, social networks and website as a whole, easily.  Or allow our team to manage all aspects of the daily, weekly or monthly maintenance or content schedule, quickly and efficiently.

Let’s create your company’s growth strategy together!


Rachel Deavenport

Bossy Person/Creative Director

Smart kid in class. Happy child against blackboard. Back to school. Retro style

Theresa Kautman – Priest

Project Manager / Web Designer

Happy pupil in glasses against books, getting elementary knowledges in school

Eve Heron

Server Admin /Web Developer /

Little Girl Using Device Concept

Deven Saunders

Web Designer / Marketing & SEO


We want to provide web services that exceed our clients expectations at the best price point – EVERY TIME.   Growing our business while growing our clients business in meaningful ways is our top priority.


Creating awesome, intentional, productive websites that assist our clients to grow their business and meet their goals.   While do so, create a work environment that is sustainable for all involved.

Glimmer web design has helped many clients reach their goals


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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