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Responsive, Clean, Simple & Beautiful

Responsive websites are websites that are developed to look good no matter what device the website is viewed from.  Responsive design MEANS one design process for many devices.  This is a vast improvement over past solutions.   We like to refer to our design as that of a classical style – our individual design portfolios span over many  years – and the designs crafted would still be considered aesthetically balanced and beautiful.  Classic, clean design never goes out of style!

Some of Our Work:

Get more benefits and support. Get more done!

Glimmer offers a WordPress CMS CORE that is magical ... well, almost.


We are a small firm of owners.  Ownership allows flexibility in all aspects of our business.  Our core competency is WordPress and WordPress Networks, but we can develop, work with and fix any application developed in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP ) environment. And we are also flexible on pricing and working with clients to find solutions to both technical and budget challenges.  We want your business and will work hard to keep it!

Protection and Support

We provide support, training, back up and maintenance during a project and ongoing if you continue to host your website with us – You can have peace of mind knowing that a company with years of industry experience will be there when you need them.  We even provide 24 hour turn around on emergency issues. And you will always have the protection of a website backup.

Social + Integration

Your site will be ready to share!  Post to twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more – This will be done easily from your website – no going to all the networks to post the same information.  Best of all, all content leads back to your website!  Creating valuable content and building your website assets over time.


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